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Publishing "The Tales of Zeinab Kutud"

Publishing "The Tales of Zeinab Kutud"

16-02-2017 : 16-02-2017
12:00PM : 12:00PM
BA Sinnari House


CULTNAT and BASinnari House Celebrate the Publishing of the

Book The Tales ofZeinab Kutud

The BA CULTNATand BA Sinnari House (Cairo) organize a Nubian ceremony on Saturday, 25 Februaryin celebration of the issuance of the book The Tales of Zeinab Kutud.Published by CULTNAT, it depicts the Nubian culture through tales inheritedover the time across generations.

Mohamed Farouk,the director of CULTNAT, states that Zeinab Kutud was a famous Nubian narrator,and that the book includes 15 tales with illustrations that reflect theirmesmerizing atmosphere. The tales in this book are originally written in theNubian language, which has hindered their dissemination in the cultural arena.Zeinab Kutud was the grandmother of Ibrahim Sha’arawy who has compiled allthese tales. He is a famous poet, an author and a critic.

Farouk alsoasserts that the book was prepared for publishing by Adel Musa, a specialist inNubian heritage documentation, and the artist Salma Kamal as a part of anambitious program to document all forms of intangible Egyptian history. Faroukindicates that Zeinab Kutud used to narrate fictional stories, whoseprotagonists are cows, crocodiles, birds, ogres and demons. She used to narratemostly social tales with a conflict between good and evil, and other importantaspects from the lives of old Nubians.

Farouk alsopoints out that the celebration is held at the BA Sinnari House, Al SayedaZeinab, Cairo, and includes a book signing ceremony in its honor, an exhibitionof Salma Kamal’s selected paintings from the book, a dance show performed bythe Nubian band (Asheri Jo), as well as an exhibition of Nubian handicrafts

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