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Ecovillage Strategies for Community Mobilization

The project is sustainable development initiative done of CULTNAT in partnership with the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe (GEN Europe), and other partners from Morocco, Algeria, Palestine and Turkey funded by the Annalindh Foundation/EUROMED. In this project CULTNAT is participating in an intercultural IT team to develop a solution library platform of solutions pertaining to the ecovillage movement derived from the diverse cultural heritage. The project involves also attending an Ecovillages Design Education (EDE) training course for trainers in the Ecovillage of Siebenlinden, Germany. Within the project CULTNAT arranged an event celebrating completion of the portal in May 2013 raising awareness to the ecovillage movement on the national level and promotes the heritage ecovillage idea.
Objectives : The aim is to promote intercultural dialogue and equip women multipliers with the skills necessary to apply integral approaches to sustainable development and community empowerment. These women will help fill an IT-database, a ‘solution library’, with best practices which honor traditional cultural heritage in the area of sustainability from their regions

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Duration : 10 Months
Status : Completed
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Partners : By CULTNAT